Samsung Rex 90 s5292 Hang solution

Samsung Rex 90 s5292 Hang solution 

Samsung Rex 92 gt- s 5292 Hang Problem Solve is 2 Method 

Method no 1.

       Make sure the battery is fully charged in advance then do the following

step 1. Take the battery out of the slot and place it in again after a few seconds.

step 2. Tap the Power button long enough for the phone to vibrate then release it

step 3. Choose  Phone dial pad and enter the hard restore  code *2767*3855#.then your mobile is restart and i hope  solve your problem.

 it's not solve then use method  no- 2.

Method no 2.

step 1. frist download this flash file   ➤click here to download

step 2.extract and flash you phone.that it's

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